A Perfect 10

Located at 533 and 537 New Bern Ave.
10 Arros is an exclusive lifestyle row
house set to be completed in Mid 2018.

Modern Living

Steps From Downtown

10 Arros – Ten architecturally driven row houses that assert a strong sense of individualism through thoughtful use of modernist and bespoke elements such as expansive glass windows, open rail stairs, natural lighting features, and skyline-view rooftop terraces. 10 Arros boasts private garages and street front walk-ups for guests.

Call Hugh Grist at (919) 438-1909 or inquire by email to Hugh@GristRealty.com

Real-life Kitchens

10 Arros real-life kitchens simplify meal prep with the convenience of modern designer fixtures, and the home cook will enjoy having a space to nurture their inner culinary artist. Expansive counter space and large windows that open out onto a private rear deck feel spacious while centralizing the entertainment.

Natural Light

Through extensive use of glass we’ve created living spaces that connect occupants with the sun’s light during the day and with their City at night in a way that simultaneously energizes and refreshes. Stretch. Pause. Take a deep breath. This is your space.


A true rarity downtown today, you’ll revel in the sense of pride you’ll get when you drive into your attached garage space large enough for your car, your bikes, your skis, your work bench and your tools. Additionally, the first floor office space keeps home work separated from home living.

Rooftop Terrace

End unit owners are blessed with a third stairway to heaven – a private rooftop. A space for entertaining with views of the downtown Raleigh skyline. Build a seasonal potted garden. Tan in full sun and watch for space station fly-overs. Compare personal goals and aspirations with good friends over a fine wine in the open starry sky.

Embrace your Neighborhood.


“Inspired by chef Benjy’s years of cooking, living, and traveling in Mexico, Casa Del Gringo is home to incredibly fine-flavored Mexican food, delicious house-made beverages, and just an all-around good time. All of Gringo’s ingredients are fresh, punched with flavors and locally sourced from farms and kitchens we know and trust.” Outdoor seating invites you to take a break in the sun with a fresh margarita. Great guacamole!

Poole’s Diner

The cornerstone of Ashley Christensen’s Restaurant collection, Poole’s seats guests on a first-come first-served basis and a table is an hour+ wait on cold wet Tuesday of any given week. “The philosophy of the kitchen and bar at Poole’s diner is simple to digest… creative, simple offerings carefully executed.” This Raleigh gem may be the farthest walk of our favorites but we guarantee, confidently, the mac n’ cheese is worth the time.

Martin St. Arts District (CAM)

Raleigh plays hosts to a rich and vibrant arts community that pools its talent from all angles of creativity. First Friday Art Walks are a celebrated monthly tradition where downtown visual art studios open their doors to connect with the public and invite them to experience their wares and styles. The Contemporary Art Museum acts as a central hub to the scene and “seeks to curate the most contemporary works of art and design possible – those still emerging, growing, and living.”

Oak City Cycling & Greenways

Raleigh’s active residents cannot overstate their appreciation for our city’s greenway system. The paved and protected trails are vastly extended and connected. From 10 Arros you’ll be able to connect with Chavis Park or Crabtree Creek greenways which connect to Umstead Park or the ultimate 33-mile Neuse River Trail. Bike clubs are numerous and the folks at Oak City Cycling keep us spinning. Tell Dave we said Hello!

Get down in downtown Raleigh.
533 and 537 New Bern Ave, Raleigh,
NC 27601


To connect with your unit please call Hugh Grist at (919) 438-1909 or inquire by email to Hugh@GristRealty.com. Availability is limited and pricing is subject to change as construction progresses. To request more info please submit your name and email address using the form at the right.